Art courses involve the study of a wider range of art forms under three main divisions:

  • Fine Arts is a form of art that involves the study of Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Poetry, Printmaking, Ceramics, and Murals. 
  • Visual Arts is a form of creative art that involves Film Making, Animation, Graphics, Painting, and Culture.
  • Performing Arts is a form of art that involves Music, Dance, Singing, and Stand-up Comedy.

To pursue an art course, a candidate must pass class 10+2 with an aggregate of 50% for a certificate, diploma, and UG courses. For PG art courses, a bachelor's art degree is a must.

Admission to certificate and diploma art courses is direct, by enrolling in the course. The degree art course admissions are done on the basis of merit, while some art colleges conduct their own entrance exams.


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