BSC - Microbiology Biochemistry Genetics

B.Sc. in Microbiology, Biochemistry and Genetics






Pass in 10+2/ equivalent course in science stream. Should have compulsorily studied Biology.


The 3 year degree program mainly focuses on experiential learning through custom designed laboratory experiments. Genetics is the study of genes and their interaction with the environment. Reproduction is one of the most enrapturing mechanisms known to man, and genetics examines this mechanism of biological inheritance. Mapping of the human genome is widely considered as a domain of extensive research in this field. This subject focuses on human genetics, developmental genetics, recombinant DNA technology, population genetics, developmental genetics and tissue culture.

Biochemistry is the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. This subject has become an inevitable instrument to biologists. Biochemistry mainly deals with the reactions involved in the degradation of food substances which provide the energy required by organisms to survive. Some of the major topics covered as part of this subject are principles of chemistry and physics, structure and function of macromolecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids, enzymes and enzyme kinetics, biochemistry and function of micronutrients and vitamins, and metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. In addition, molecular genetics, molecular cell biology and immunology are also covered.

Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms which include bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses. This subject also covers numerous other disciplines such as immunology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology. Microbiology affects almost all aspects of medicine, and is essential for environmental cycles that sustain the planet. There has been growing recognition of the utility of microorganisms in many areas; for example, they are of commercial use in food processing industries and in fermentation, etc. Some of the major aspects covered include basic microbiology and control of microorganisms, microbial taxonomy and culture techniques, microbial physiology and microbial genetics, molecular biology, genetic engineering and biophysics, agricultural and environmental microbiology, food and dairy microbiology, immunology and medical microbiology, industrial microbiology, and microbial technology.





·       Additional Language (Kannada/ Sanskrit/ Addl: Eng/ Malayalam,etc)

·       Language - English

·       Biochemistry- I

·       Microbiology- I (Basic MB & Control of Microorganisms)

·       Genetics Practical-I

·       Biochemistry Practical-I

·       Microbiology practical-I (Basic MB)


·       Additional Language (Kannada/ Sanskrit/ Addl: Eng/ Malayalam,etc)

·       Language - English

·       Genetics- II (Mendelian Genetics & Biometry)

·       Biochemistry Practical-II

·       Microbiology Practical- II (Microbial taxonomy & Culture)

·       Computer Fundamentals


·       Additional Language (Kannada/ Sanskrit/ Addl: Eng/ Malayalam,etc

·       Language - English

·       Genetics -III (Cytogenetics )

·       Biochemistry-III

·       Microbiology - III (Microbial physiology & Microbial Genetics)

·       Genetics Practical-III

·       Physics Practical III (or) * Statistics Practical Paper - III

·       Biochemistry Practical - III

·       Microbiology Practical-III (Microbial physiology & Microbial genetics)

·       Indian Constitution


·       Additional Language (Kannada/ Sanskrit/ Addl: Eng/ Malayalam,etc

·       Language - English

·       Genetics -IV (Molecular Genetics)

·       Biochemistry-IV

·       Microbiology-IV (Molecular biology, Genetic Engineering & Biophysics)

·       Genetics Practical-IV

·       Biochemistry Practical-IV

·       Microbiology Practical - IV (Molecular biology & Genetic Engineering)

·       Environmental Studies


·       Genetics - V (Genetic Engg & Cloning)

·       Genetics - VI (Human Genetics)

·       Biochemistry - V

·       Biochemisrty - VI

·       Microbiology-V (Agriculture & Environment MB)

·       Microbiology - VI (Food & Dairy MB)

·       Genetics Practical - V

·       Genetics Practical - VI

·       Biochemistry Practical - V

·       Biochemistry Practical - V

·       Microbiology Practical - V (Agriculture & Environment MB)

·       Microbiology Practical - VI (Food & Dairy MB)


·       Genetics - VII (Advanced Genetics)

·       Genetics - VII (Advanced Genetics)

·       Genetics - VIII (Applied Genetics)

·       Biochemistry - VII

·       Microbiology -VII (Immunology & Medical MB)

·       Microbiology - VIII (Industrial MB & Microbial tech)

·       Genetics Practical - VII

·       Genetics Practical - VIII

·       Biochemistry Practical - VII

·       Biochemistry Practical - VIII

·       Microbiology Practical - VII (Immunology & Medical MB)

·       Microbiology Practical - VI (Industrial MB & Microbial tech)

Course Fee

INR 3.48 Lakh

Future Scope

Research Scientist, Scientific Officer,Plant Breeder, Genetics Laboratory Technician, Clinical Geneticist, Biotech Sales Engineer, Research Associate, Forensic Expert, Microbiologist, Hygienist, Biomedical Chemist, Clinical Research Associate, Quality Control Officer, Medical Writer, Cytologist in departments such as Scientific Laboratories, Diagnostic Laboratories, Technical Institutes, Research Centres, Software Companies etc. Students can also pursue higher studies by enrolling for MSc in Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology MBA in Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, Business Analytics, Project Management, Biotechnology, PGDM, PhD etc.

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